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Anthony Charbonneau was born and raised in a predominantly French-speaking town outside of Montreal, Quebec. During his early years, Anthony’s family moved to Hawkesbury, Ontario where he struggled to learn English.  It was during this challenging time that he sought comfort in art. Expressing himself by putting pencil to paper transcended the language barrier and quickly became a lifelong passion.


In high school, Anthony was first exposed to tattoos while working at a skateboard shop.  From that moment, he knew that tattooing was something he wanted to pursue as a career.  In 2017, Anthony dove into the tattoo industry and quickly found his love of dark portrait realism.  He found inspiration in talented Artists like Nikko Hurtado, Elliot Kohek and Carlos Torres, who he had always looked up to.


In 2019, Anthony moved from his private studio to a shop in downtown Ottawa.  When the pandemic shut down the industry in 2020, Anthony reignited his passion for other art mediums outside of tattooing, spending most of his time oil painting or creating digital art portraits.  It was the following year that he and his wife opened the doors of Black Label Ottawa.


Anthony’s style of tattooing focuses on the dark side of photo-realism.  He continues to push the boundaries of his capabilities and is dedicated to supporting the community of tattooers that have been an inspiration for his own growth. 

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